" They asked each other, "Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road . . . "                                                                                                                                                                                                   Luke 24:32



   Our name, Emmaus (pronounced 'E-may-us) is taken from the story in the Gospel of Luke, where two of Jesus' followers are walking to the village of Emmaus and discussing the events that occurred following his death.  As they wonder what lies ahead, they are joined by a stranger who reminds them of the promises of the scriptures regarding the Messiah.  Inviting this stranger to join them for supper, it is only when he blesses the meal that they recognize him as the risen Lord.  

Like those followers of Jesus, we find ourselves walking through life, pondering the path that lies ahead, but knowing that Jesus is with us on our own 'Road to Emmaus'.

     We invite you to join us for worship every Sunday at 3:00 pm.  Our worship service is a mixture of traditional and non-traditional music and liturgy within a casual atmosphere.  We celebrate Holy Communion weekly.  Gathering on Sunday afternoons we encourage you to 'come as you are' whether you have been out gardening and didn't have time to change or just come from having Sunday dinner with mom. 

Our congregation was formed in 2010 when our former worshipping community voted to sever its affiliation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and its policies of inclusion and acceptance.  Those believers wishing to maintain a tie with the ELCA and its mission in our area worked to create the open and welcoming worship community that Emmaus is today.

     We are currently meeting at First Christian Church 1800 E. 12th St which is at the corner of Woodruff and 12th street.  Coffee, refreshments and conversation are offered after worship each week. 

     Emmaus Lutheran is a fully inclusive community that encourages each person to discover the unconditional love of God in his/her own life. We are a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) congregation.


Our Mission Statement

To love Christ
by accepting and welcoming all in worship,
fellowship, Bible study, and community outreach,
while celebrating our gifts and talents.

 Our Vision Statement

Responding with gratitude for God’s mercy and grace,
we are a worshiping community    
with passion for God and compassion for all.